Car Insurance For Your Bicycle?

Cycling has seen a recent surge in popularity, and with it, a surge in bicycle versus car accidents.  Most people know that if you are injured by a car while riding a bicycle, you can file a claim with the driver’s auto insurance to obtain compensation for your injuries.  But what if the driver fled the scene, has no insurance, or simply doesn’t have enough insurance to cover your damages?  Surprisingly, your own uninsured motorist coverage from your car insurance policy may apply.

Now, unlike the obligations of a “third party” insurer, which are premised on the at-fault driver’s legal duty to compensate for your injuries, the obligations of a “first party” insurer are purely contractual.  In other words, your own insurance only has to pay your damages if your policy requires them to.  Every uninsured motorist policy is written differently, but the majority include coverage for ALL “automobile related injuries.”  So, in most cases it doesn’t matter whether you were injured in a car, on foot, or on a bicycle—if a car caused your injuries then your accident is “automobile related” and your insurance company most likely has a contractual obligation to pay your damages up to your UM policy limit.

This is just another reason why everyone should have uninsured motorist coverage.  Without it, you are paying premiums to cover injuries to OTHERS but not injuries to yourself.  You are simply trusting that someone irresponsible enough to injure you with their car is responsible enough to have appropriate liability coverage.  Don’t take that gamble.  Protect yourself by getting adequate UM coverage, especially if you spend a lot of time on a bike.