Fee Structures

Phillips & Associates offers a variety of fee structures to accommodate the wide-ranging financial and legal needs of its clients.

Contingency Fee

Phillips & Associates handles the majority of its personal injury cases on a contingency fee basis.  Under a contingency fee arrangement, the firm only recovers a fee if it prevails by way of collecting a judgment or settlement. In such instances, the fee is a percentage of the overall recovery.  Phillips & Associates generally charges a contingency fee of 33-40%, though in special circumstances may charge a lower rate.

Hourly Fee

Phillips & Associates handles a variety of employment and general civil matters on an hourly fee basis.  Hourly rates range from $200-300 dollars depending on the nature of the work.

Flat Fee

Criminal matters and some employment matters are billed on a flat fee basis.

Mixed Fee

Mixed fees are arrangements involving a reduced hourly rate fee and a contingency fee at a lower percentage.  The firm offers mixed fee arrangements in a variety of different matters at its discretion.