Criminal Defense

If you have been accused of criminal wrongdoing, be assured that you are placing your trust in the most capable of hands by retaining Phillips & Associates.  John Phillips was a prosecuting attorney for fourteen years, including seven as Special Counsel to the Los Angeles County District Attorney in its Organized Crime and Anti-Terrorist Unit.  His work there is the subject of his best-selling book, Sign of the Cross, published by Westminster John Knox Press in 2001.  He has personally conducted over 140 jury trials, an extraordinary number, but his philosophy of defense is “why try to convince twelve jurors, when I only need to persuade one district attorney?”

Consequently, his up-front style of defense and use of mitigating circumstances transforms the perception of his clients into people rather than defendants.  There are many innovative ways of resolving a criminal case.  Mr. Phillips routinely finds the path of least resistance and is trusted by judges and prosecutors throughout the criminal justice system.